Trio of Mini Panforte

Trio of Mini Panforte



Great to enjoy on your own cheese or charcuterie boards – or as a “3-for-1” item that you can divide and gift among those on your Holiday list!

Contains one 10.58oz cake of each: Fig, Spicy, Hazelnut

Le Logge Organic Panforte  is a dense, traditional Tuscan fruitcake full of organic dried figs, nuts, rare spices, candied fruits, and honey, baked in wood fired ovens.  Panforte’s history dates back centuries as the original “energy bar” for travelers and anyone going on long journeys.

Today it is served throughout the holidays as a dessert, or served with cheese and fresh fruits. Pairs perfectly with an Italian Vin Santo, but also wonderful with coffee or tea. Le Logge uses rare spices and wood fired ovens. Handwrapped in paper.


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