Lemon Curd & Pistachio Cream Gift Set

Lemon Curd & Pistachio Cream Gift Set


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A $30 Value!

We love to pair these two SO much (and know that YOU will, too), so we put them together in a money saving Gift Set!

Lemon Curd: The perfect balance of tart and sweet, with the perfect amount of butter to make it rich and wonderful.  Fantastic on cheesecake, fresh fruit, pastries, and with yogurt and berries.

Pistachio cream: Creamy and smooth, made with Sicilian pistachios – the best in the world – you’ll love to drizzle this over freshly cut strawberries, drizzled over pastries or cake, with fresh pears and cheese – OMG!!!!!

QUICK DESSERT IDEA: Spread some Lemon Curd over a shortbread or sugar cookie, top with half a strawberry, and drizzle with Pistachio Cream – mmmmm!!

Refrigerate after opening.


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