Instant Taragna Polenta

Instant Taragna Polenta



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Although polenta is nowadays traditionally associated with cornmeal, different types of polenta made with millet, rye, spelt, barley, chickpeas, chestnuts, wheat, or buckwheat flour have been feeding the people all over the world long before the discovery of the Americas and introduction of corn to Europe.

Buckwheat production in Valtellina dates back to the 1600s, so it is no surprise that it is used in many traditional local dishes, one of them being polenta taragna, an elaborate polenta spin-off made with a mix of yellow cornmeal and buckwheat flour, enriched with butter and cheese that are mixed in right before serving.

The name comes from the word tarai or tarel, referring to the wooden tool traditionally used to stir the polenta, cooked in a copper pot hung inside the fireplace. The main characteristics of polenta taragna are its dark grayish color, due to the use of buckwheat flour, and rich creaminess, achieved with the addition of cheese.

The cheeses used may vary, but they’re commonly local semi-fat, medium-ripened cow-milk cheeses such as Valtellina Casera, Bitto, Branzi, or Fontina. Polenta taragna can be enjoyed on its own, as the main course, or served alongside cold cuts and Italian pickles.


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