Black & White Truffle Honey Set

Black & White Truffle Honey Set



GREAT VALUE – and perfect for those who can’t decide which one they like best! Black Truffle Honey is an incredibly harmonious blend of Black Truffles (T. Aestivum) and Sicilian Acacia honey. Its earthy, sweet flavor is perfect to pair with strong cheeses, or to use as a glaze for chicken, ham, salmon and game birds. We also love to drizzle it over grilled peaches and goat cheese, and over popcorn with salted nuts! Mmmm… White Truffle Honey aromatic honey, infused with White Truffles (T. Magnatum Pico) – a product that you’ll be willing to lick off the counter, should it spill while you’re drizzling it over cheese, fresh fruit…or your finger. Also great for glazing meats and poultry, or adding to frostings and ganache for a new flavor dimension.


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