Black Truffle “Caviar” 50g

Black Truffle “Caviar” 50g



This is the PERFECT fancy garnish for those who aren’t fans of the fish roe, ‘cuz it’s NOT actual Caviar: it’s “spherified” black truffle juice!

It has the same gorgeous color and texture as its fishy lookalike, but is all earthy, Truffley Goodness! Amaze your friends and dinner guests when you pile it atop deviled eggs, potato latkes, or on salmon with creme fraiche.

INGREDIENTS: Black winter truffle juice (T Melanosporum, T Brumale, sodium bisulphite), water, sodium alginate (thickener), squid ink, salt, citric acid (acidifier), flavor. Contains sulphites. Refrigerate after opening.

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Manufacturer: Tartuflanghe


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