Bianco & Lemon Gift Set

Bianco & Lemon Gift Set



This Bianco is the best we’ve ever had: it has the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and fresh acidity to make is one of the most versatile vinegars you’ll ever use!¬† We love it with ANY kind of fruit salad (citrus, tropical, melon, berries…), and also for a sweet/tart slaw of red, yellow and orange peppers, shredded with cabbage or daikon.¬† Serve it with BBQ or pulled pork, grilled shrimp, crab cakes, and even fish ‘n’ chips!

The Lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil is from pressed from Taggiasca variety olives in western Liguria.  SOOPER fresh-tasting, with a heady aroma from the lemons that grow along the coast of Italy.  Use with salads, fish, or any dish requiring olive oil and lemons. Comes in an attractive round and thin bottle.

Mix them, 50/50, for an amazingly flavorful and fresh-tasting salad dressing, or finishing glaze for grilled chicken or fish.  Outside dining at its tastiest Рand EASIEST!

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