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My Staff and I LOVE having so many wonderful treats to share with you – each one selected because it made me have a total “dork out” when I tasted it at a food show (hey, it's a rough job, but somebody's gotta do it!).

At Truffle Queen, we believe in selling only truly WONDERFUL, delicious food and wines, made with real ingredients.  To curate our selection, we've tasted every item we stock; we sell only the things we've fallen in love with. That's our promise to you: 100% Satisfaction - whether you buy our fresh Truffles, our famous 10% Concentration Truffle Salt, or an affordable bottle of Wine and Petits Toasts crackers, you can be sure that you're getting the best.

When you're in Seattle, stop by our Shop at the World Famous Pike Place Market! Sample our Truffle products, the aged Balsamicos, everything on the Sweets table, and the carefully selected small production Washington and Italian wines.

We want you to share our enjoyment of the Specialty Foods we have personally selected for you: our guests.

Truffle Queen


Take a look at our products and find something you love or for a loved one today.

Our if you are in Seattle stop by and see what we have to offer or take a look at our upcoming events.